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Cobblestone Snicket

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  • Well....we NEVER expected that!
    The response to PP’s 2019 advent calendar has been nothing short of overwhelming and we now know that it sold out in 4 minutes. Something we NEVER anticipated!

    Please know that we had the largest number of calendar packs available. The number in stock was the largest number of kits that we can physically produce and deliver in time for the start of Advent (we’re not Amazon!). Sadly, the number of customers wanting to purchase them outweighed the number in stock.

    The speed, at which the Advent Calendar sold out, was the speed at which payments were received via Paypal or World Pay (both globally recognised companies) and this was beyond our control.

    We understand that many of you are disappointed to have missed out and we are sorry that you have, but sadly we can only physically produce a finite number of calendars and we had always highlighted this and that there would be a limited number available.

    To those of you who have successfully purchased PP’s 2019 Advent Calendar, we really hope that you will enjoy it and do remember that by purchasing the calendar, you have also signed up to keep its contents a secret (until the end of Advent)... so when it arrives in the post....NO spoilers and NO peeking!
    Tony, Bea & Mo
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Last Updated:  01/11/2019