12 Days of Christmas 2021

As many of you already know, we have produced a Petite Properties’ Advent Calendar since 2019. Our unique calendars have contained 1:48 scale kits, concealed in little envelopes to be opened each day of Advent.

Over the last couple of years, our Advent Calendar has been incredibly popular; despite its contents remaining a closely guarded secret (even to those who order it!)  However, many of our 1:24 customers have felt left out of the fun, so this year we have decided to offer an adapted version, specifically for half scale fans!

1:24th Scale!

Our ‘12 Days of Christmas’ calendar will follow the format of our previous 1:48th scale Advent Calendars and will contain 12 individual half scale furniture & accessory kits.   However, the 12 new 1:24th kits featured will be exclusive to this limited edition calendar and they will NOT be available to purchase individually until spring 2022!  .

The contents of our '12 Days Of Christmas' calendar will remain UNKNOWN and there will be NO PHOTO PREVIEWS released of any of the calendar’s 12 kit designs; this is to ensure that each day will bring our customers a totally brand new surprise! 

"We know we are being really secretive, but what we can tell you is that the contents of our 2021 calendar is just over £60!" Bea.

Although, we are aware that we live in an era of 24 hour social media, we will once again be asking any customers who purchase our unique '12 Days Of Christmas' calendar, to keep the contents of it a secret until Advent is over… ensuring 12 days of surprises for everyone!

PP's 2021 '12 Days Of Christmas' calendar will be priced at £45, which INCLUDES FREE STANDARD POSTAGE to anywhere in the world! 

Please note, if you are buying other items at the same time as your advent calendar, you will be charged postage on your other items. However, if you are charged for postage when trying to check out and have no other items in your basket, continue to check out to secure your advent calendar and we will refund your postage costs.

Limited numbers of the calendar will be launched online via our online shop at 9am, 12pm (noon), 4pm, 7pm & 10pm (GMT) on SATURDAY 30th OCTOBER, 2021

Petite Properties 2021 '12 Days Of Christmas (1:24th scale)  Calendar will be released as an ONLINE EXCLUSIVE via our online shop

  • Limited numbers of the calendar will be launched at 9am, 12pm (noon), 4pm, 7pm & 10pm (GMT) on SATURDAY 30th OCTOBER 2021. 
  • Only LIMITED numbers will be available at each time slot and they will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

  • The contents of the calendar will NOT be advertised and it will include a mix of all different genres and styles.

  • No pre-orders will be taken

  • Sadly, phone orders CANNOT be taken.

  • If you registered an interest in the 2021 '12 Days Of Christmas' calendar then please note that it DID NOT mean you have 'reserved' one. It was simply for the PP team to gauge the level of interest.
  • Total purchases per person is limited to ONLY TWO. This is throughout the release of the calendar time period.
  • Your calendar is NOT secure until payment has been made. Logging in or registering your account beforehand will help make your check out process quicker. If you are wanting to purchase other items along with your advent calendar, please add these to your basket beforehand.
  •  Not available to trade accounts

2019 Advent Calendar (in 1:48) contained...

Bunk Beds              Victorian Bed
Library Shelves            Reading Nook
Classic Bench           Tudor Cradle 
Hall Tree & Bench           Retro Table & Stools
Parlour Chairs           Garden Chairs & Table
Retro Electric Cooker        Corner Settle & Table
Ladies' Writing Desk & Chair     High Chair & Play Pen
Gothic Pew             Parlour Suite
Tea Trolley              French Day Bed
Potting Station             Welsh Dresser
Cook's Table              China Cabinet
Chifferobe               Summer House
Cupboard Stairs